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Pitch prediction with AI in JavaScript

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One of my favorite things to do is learning new things all the time, a couple of years ago I decided to lear how to play the violin! It's being a long journey that I've enjoyed so far. One of the problems beginners have when learning to play the violin, is the fact that you never know if you are playing the right note, the violin doesn't have any kind of mark that you can use as a reference to position your fingers and play the right note. It'd be really nice if you can get instant feedback on Continue reading

How to use Notion as your CMS for your blog in Next.JS

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I started using Notion a couple of years ago (in 2021) to manage my YouTube content. I really liked the product and the simple way it allows me to organize my ideas, scripts, personal journal, etc. So, I decided to use it for my personal blog as well. One of the challenges was to display Notion information on my website. Fortunately, Notion has a Rest API that provides access to all your content. In this tutorial, I'll show you all the necessary steps in case you want to do the same. I worked Continue reading

How to test redirections and history state with Jest

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Testing redirections in jest using react router is not a straight forward process, specially when using hooks. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to test a redirect, in addition we are going to test the state in the history. The code we will be testing is a button, when clicked we will redirect the user to a new page using react router, but we are also going to set some data into the history state. import React from 'react'; import { useNavigate, useLocation } from 'react-router-dom'; Continue reading

How to enable HTTPS on Webpack Dev Server

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One of the most popular feature requests of the Music App is to support memberships using Stripe. A few days ago I decided to work on this new feature, however, I found a few challenges along the way. First of all, if we want to use Stripe we need to run our application over HTTPS, otherwise the JavaScript SDK doesn't run properly. In production that's quite easy to accomplish, in fact, the demo version, as well as the community I run using this software, are both running over HTTPS. But when Continue reading

Translating your product into multiple languages

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Presenting your product to different audiences in different languages is very challenging. Over the years I've tried different approaches, but the one problem in common for all those approaches is the maintenance of the translations, is just impossible to keep track of all the changes over time. In this post, I will explain the different attempts to solve this problem and will show you what has worked for me. Loading JSON files on demand The first and most popular approach when it comes to Continue reading

Downloading images with nodejs

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A couple of weeks ago Facebook sent me an email informing me that all profile images will not be accessible anymore unless there's a token on every request. Given that I'm no longer supporting Facebook login, but still many of my users are using their Facebook profile image, I decided to pull all those images into my own server before facebook implements the new requirements. After a few hours of googling how to download images/binaries on NodeJS, and only finding old/deprecated implementations Continue reading

Optimizing aync calls in Node JS

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A few months ago I was cleaning up an old node codebase, the endpoint was using promises to call several other API endpoints on the network, waiting for the response on all calls, and then building a JSON response to the client. While I was doing the refactor and cleaning up the code, I found some optimizations I'd like to share in this post. Improving readability In order to improve code readability and therefore lowering the maintenance cost for this service, I was introducing async/await to Continue reading